Do you consider your Library a “unique venue”? Do you get requests to hold various meetings, seminars or events at your library? If so, then you can be a unique venue (or maybe you are already one).

Do you also know that you can create a growing revenue stream for your library by holding these events at your venue? This is where Bob Pacanovsky comes in to help. For over 20 years, he has helped plan, create and cater over 7,000 events during this time, including many events, receptions and meetings at libraries!

On top of this, he has worked in over 50 unique venues in planning events and knows and “ins and outs” of how to create a revenue stream in this area for your library. Bob will show you ideas on how to create a revenue stream for corporate event business, not the private events (like weddings, showers, etc.)

In this interactive and informative program you’ll learn:

How to determine if your Library can be a “unique venue” for events in your community
How to make your Library more attractive to corporate client events
How to potentially grow the revenue in your library by staying open two nights a week
Cost effective as well as FREE ways to market and promote your library for corporate events
The right questions to ask when planning an event with a client or prospect


Original broadcast December 6, 2016

Bob Pacanovsky – Biography
Bob Pacanovsky has been helping elevate brands for over 20 years! And now he is taking this experience and helping organizations and individuals “outclass their competition.” He is a professional speaker, entrepreneur and expert in making people make great first impressions and turning clients into loyal fans!
Bob started his 5th and latest company, The Vation Group, in January, 2015, after selling his catering and event company that he founded in 2000. During those 15 years, he helped create over 7,000 events and meetings and worked in over 50 unique venues of all shapes and sizes. Included in this list was the main branch of the library system in his own city, where he helped create a wonderful Re-Grand opening event with close to 400 people in attendance.