There is an art and beauty to making things simple. It is selfless. It
makes things simple for yourself, but more importantly it make things simple for others.

Simplicity in the library can be such a huge advantage. Over time, organizations pick up complexities that distract focus away from its core activities. Yet by striving for simplicity, the library can benefit from a healthier and much more efficient approach to staying focused on specific goals and outcomes.

In this interactive and informative program, Lance Werner will focus on how simplicity:• Gets things done (Think the path of least resistance and removing obstacles and barriers)
• Makes it easier to get uniformity
• Creates an environment with less unconstructive, unnecessary friction
• Promotes happiness
• Helps organizations save money – It is cost effective
• Can create an environmentally friendly workplace

Simplicity leads to success. It is that simple.


Original broadcast November 19, 2020 

Biography ~ Lance Werner
Lance has served as Executive Director for Kent District Library since 2011. He received a juris doctorate degree from Michigan State University’s College of Law and his master’s degree in Library Science from Wayne State University (WSU). In 2018 he was chosen as Library Journal’s Librarian of the Year, and in years past he was the recipient of the Joey Rodger Leadership Award from the Urban Libraries Council, Librarian of the Year Award from the Michigan Library Association (MLA), the WSU Distinguished Alumni award, and Library Journal’s Mover and Shaker Award.

Lance is currently involved in the ALA Policy Corps, MLA’s Legislative Committee, and recently graduated from Michigan Political Leadership Course.