Your webinar will be held on November 17, 2021,  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  ET.

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In these unprecedented times, our digital presence may be seen more than our actual selves! In this session, we’ll talk about personal branding and your digital presence — how it can help turn your name in an email into a real person, document and share your work, help your career through establishing credibility and documenting credentials, and even help your job search. Conversely, a negative digital identity can have long term effects, impacting everything from your career to friendships. If you’re not building your digital identity, Google and other search engines are. What are they saying about you?

Presenter: Robin Fay is an Instructor and Metadata Librarian who has worked with academic, public, community college libraries and multistate consortias on cataloging and metadata project for Orbis Cascade Alliance, the Digital Public Library of America, the University System of Georgia, and SkillsCommon. Her interests are in immersive technologies and the intersection of machine learning, data, and us! Robin is also an avid designer and you can find her on instagram and elsewhere as @georgiawebgurl @georgiawebgurl