With ebooks more commonplace now than ever, it helps to remind ourselves of the plethora of fantastic resources that are readily available online. We’ll take (another) look at the great Gutenburg, but we’ll also check out a few other options for free digital content that library staff have used successfully to help satiate those ebook-hungry patrons.

Have your own favorite sites for free ebooks? Be sure to bring them with you for our end-of-webinar Sharing Session, and help other library staff discover valuable new resources online!

About The Wild, Wild Web series:
When it comes to reference, today’s Internet is truly a vast ocean of possibilities. And, like many things less-censored, it’s pretty much a free-for-all: a place where lone resources hunt, swim, swagger, swarm, dip, dive, and doggy-paddle. But there are few things librarians love more than a fishing expedition. In the Wild, Wild Web webinar series, you might discover a tiny, new species, or rediscover the catch you forgot in the cooler two years ago (dusty bookmarks, anyone?).

There are many fish in the sea, but we’ll keep it tidy: just a small selection plucked from those swirling waters so that you can sample the frazzling, dazzling array of helpful resources on the web.

Originally broadcast 02/10/2014