There’s never been a better time to find truly valuable statistical information on the Web. From industry or education information to health trends and hometown demographics, we’ll take a look at a few of those resources that librarians have found especially helpful. The next time your patrons say, “Show me the data”, you’ll have an above-average arsenal of tools to increase your probability of reference success.
About The Wild, Wild Web series:
When it comes to reference, today’s Internet is truly a vast ocean of possibilities. And, like many things less-censored, it’s pretty much a free-for-all: a place where lone resources hunt, swim, swagger, swarm, dip, dive, and doggy-paddle. But there are few things librarians love more than a fishing expedition. In the Wild, Wild Web webinar series, you might discover a tiny, new species, or rediscover the catch you forgot in the cooler two years ago (dusty bookmarks, anyone?).
There are many fish in the sea, but we’ll keep it tidy: just a small selection plucked from those swirling waters so that you can sample the frazzling, dazzling array of helpful resources on the web.

Originally broadcast 03/24/2014