On the web people don’t read, they scan, skim and select. How many times have you arrived at a page and found your eyes glazing over when faced with long, wordy paragraphs?

Usability studies show that less is more — people don’t find information that is right in front of them when it’s buried in long paragraphs.

In this webinar we’ll offer specific guidelines, such as:
layer the details
less is more
chunking the content
and more.
If you write copy for the web (desktop or mobile sites), you can greatly improve your site by following these guidelines.

We’ll look at before and after examples, and you’ll get a list of resources for learning more.


Original broadcast June 14, 2016

Biography ~ Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is an independent user experience professional, teaching and inspiring librarians and educators about the effective use of mobile technologies.

She worked for the MIT Libraries for 14 years, first as web manager and then as head of the user experience department. She is the winner of several awards, including the MIT Excellence Award for Innovative Solutions.

Nicole’s books include Apps for Librarians: Using the Best Mobile Technology to Educate, Create, and Engage, Selecting and Evaluating the Best Mobile Apps for Library Services, and Best Apps for Academics. She teaches several online courses, including Apps for Librarians & Educators, and Organize Your Life with Mobile Apps.

Nicole loves teaching, presenting, and inspiring people to use technology effectively. To stay current with the best mobile technology for education, sign up for her email newsletter, Mobile Apps News, and follow her on Twitter @nic221, where she tweets about libraries and mobile technologies.