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Steve is a leading national expert on library service, safety, and security. He has written 24 books on business, HR, leadership, security, and criminal justice topics. Steve has taught library training programs, both live and online, since 2000.  

As libraries re-open their doors to provide service to patrons, we’re all facing uncertainty, apprehension, and stress. This 90-minute webinar session will provide library directors, managers, supervisors, and full and part-time employees with tools to recognize and resolve conflicts between arriving patrons. Getting along in our new post-Pandemic, post-protests world will require patience, empathy, and understanding other points of view without judgment. Library employees and the people we serve will have strong feelings about the current political and economic climate. It’s easy to let emotions get in the way of providing good service.

Here are the topics this 90-minute webinar will cover:

  • What are the challenges we face as we return from a Work From Home status to back to working in and around our library buildings?
  • What safety and security challenges do we face in the wake of more national and local protests in our parks, public spaces, and government buildings?
  • How can managers and supervisors monitor the work culture for conflict, communication, and morale issues?
  • Can supervisors use a step-by-step conflict resolution tool to use to help two disagreeing employees to get along?
  • How to respectfully request that patrons and other library visitors (vendors, delivery, maintenance, janitorial providers) follow Covid-19 safety protocols
  • How do we agree to disagree and have patience and empathy for our patrons or co-workers who have strong feelings about national issues that differ from ours?
  • What safety and security protocols do we need to follow, coming and going and while working in publicly-accessed buildings?
  • How about a little personal and professional stress management?
  • What does the future hold for library employees and what new ways can we provide service to patrons?

Presented by Dr. Steve Albrecht, author, Library Security: Better Communication, Safer Facilities (ALA, 2015) www.DrSteveAlbrecht.com

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