Most of our libraries and organizations have been around for numerous years, sometimes hundreds. Often that means many processes are created, changed as needed, and left in place long past their due date. Unfortunately, that means we are frequently working inefficiently, following old processes or cobbled together workflows.

The first part of the presentation will suggest methods for understanding and reviewing workflow. In the second half, we will take a look at various simple and lightweight tools and ways to use them to make work more efficient, especially in processing text, files, and data in batches.


Original broadcast March 8, 2017 

Biography ~ Cynthia Ng
Tech-savvy and keen, Cynthia Ng is a technologist and librarian working inside and outside of libraries to improve user experience and accessibility for everyone. She is currently the Manager of Technology and Technical Services at the New Westminster Public Library, but has worked in various roles focusing on accessibility, technology, technical services, and workflow management.

She is also a mentor at technology events, such as those organized by Ladies Learning Code.