Due to the realities of COVID-19 closures and social distancing measures, libraries have been exploring new ways to provide services and programs to their users online. Twitch and Discord are live streaming and chat platforms that became popular due to gaming and eSports. However, their usefulness in fostering community, creativity, and utility as online meeting spaces has extended their popularity outside of the realms of gaming and eSports.

This session will present examples of how both platforms are used currently for programs and services for adults and ways these platforms can be used to promote and enhance community engagement, programming, and services.

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Original broadcast August 11, 2021 

Presenter: Lorin Flores 
Lorin Flores currently works as a reference librarian at San Antonio Public Library’s Central Library Branch. Her previous work experience includes more than a decade working in an academic library.

Presenter: Michael Dunbar-Rodney
Michael Dunbar-Rodney is a reference librarian at the San Antonio Public Library’s Central Branch. He focuses on public programming and developing partnerships with community organizations.