Teen behavior can be confusing and sometimes maddening. You want to welcome them in your library, but it’s not easy!

This interactive webinar will instruct on the ‘whys’ of teen behavior from the brain to society. You will leave knowing how to communicate to teens better and de-escalate any tense situations.

Participants will learn about:

• How the teen brain works and more about this important developmental period
• Understanding of the socio-cultural expectations on teens which influence both their and your behavior
• Things to say and NOT to say to teens
• Basics of Verbal Judo, a tactical communication style that helps de- escalate conflicts


Original broadcast June 30, 2016 

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead ~ Biography
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is the Senior Librarian over teen services for Salt Lake County Library Services. She has trained on behavior on a local and national level and has worked directly with teens in a busy urban branch for nearly a decade.