This webinar uses the non-English materials at Mississippi State University Libraries collections to illustrate the sources of cataloging materials in Non-English languages. Attention will be given to the various tools available to translate these materials, the rules (both RDA and LC-PCC statements) guiding the description of these materials, research methods needed, and outside resources that may be useful when users are “stuck”.

This webinar seeks to educate those who process non-English materials on the various online tools and rules available to assist them.
By the end of the webinar attendees should:

• Be aware of translator apps and online tools that are available for free use
• Be more knowledgeable of the rules (both RDA and LC-PCC statements)
• Be more knowledgeable of different research methods that are useful on problematic or older pieces
• Outside resources that may be useful when dealing with a difficult piece

Who should attend: Staff working in cataloging functions in all library types, those that have difficulty processing non-English materials.

Original broadcast October 6, 2020

Biography ~ Joy Dubose
Joy DuBose is an Assistant Professor and the Cataloger for Special Collections at Mississippi State University. She has jointly presented on cataloging non-English materials via an Association for Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) webinar. She has also presented during conferences of the American Library Association on digitization, library consortia, and cataloging non-English materials. She holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Biography ~ Preseton Salisbury
Preston Salisbury is Assistant Professor and Monographic Cataloging Team Leader at Mississippi State University Libraries. Previously, he worked at Hinds Community College and Austin (TX) Public Library. He received his MLIS from the University of Southern Mississippi. He has cataloged materials in over a dozen languages.