Libraries are complex civic and educational organisms who can’t just optimize for specific users or demographics. They are a culmination of disparate collections and services, mashups that defy easy explanations as to what it is libraries are or librarians do. As complex organizations, it can be difficult to integrate services in an optimal way.

The “”service blueprint”” is concerned with making the systems underlying services work better and with clearer direction and return. Service blueprints are just what they say they are: the detailed blueprint of a service — whether it’s your reference service, or your children’s programming, or your web services — that makes it possible to visualize and better wrap your head around all the moving parts that make that machine run.

In this workshop, Michael Schofield will introduce you to the service blueprints through Trello and show you how perform this exercise in your libraries to identify problematic touchpoints and opportunities for improvement.

Original broadcast January 25, 2017

Biography ~ Michael Schofield
Michael Schofield (@schoeyfield) is a front end developer slash librarian specializing in interaction and user experience. He writes a ton and speaks at a variety of conferences about design triggers, responsive web design, lean code, content strategy, user engagement, and pushing the #libweb forward.