Do you have habits that get in your way of getting what you want? Examples include negative thinking and self-talk, getting frustrated under pressure or just general stress. These all have one thing in common – they all start with a thought.

New research on brain functioning provides a solution for each of those challenges. This is not positive thinking, affirmations, or the law of attraction.

This is a science/evidence-based (peer reviewed) approach to intentionally re-wiring your brain to get it working for you, not against you – more often.

This webinar is for you if you want:

More self-confidence
Less negative self-talk
To experience a more positive outlook on life
Consistently take action towards your ideal life
Eliminate unwanted patterns
To procrastinate less
To spend less time thinking about the past
Consistently act in alignment with your values

Participants will learn:

A step-by-step process for creating new brain pathways
Why we have an unhealthy focus on the past
A daily practice for changing unhelpful patterns

Original broadcast July 17, 2018

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Michael Healey – Biography
Michael works with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing people as a foundation for continual improvement and capacity building. He has been developing and delivering impactful training programs since 1987.