YouTube is a perfect place for your library to start enhancing your marketing! Can you imagine the benefits to your library of having your video on the first page of YouTube or even Google?

Imagine no more! All it takes is a few tactics that help you stand out. Many of the top YouTube channels are using the tips you will be learning here.

Join Chris for this interactive and informative program and you will learn:

What type of video content do people want to see
How to make your video stand out and rank high
How to turn viewers into subscribers and web visitors
How to brand your page for a better user experience


Original broadcast June 2, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Chris N. West
Chris N. West has worked at Google where he was responsible for reaching out to communities to drive engagement on products such as Google Plus, Analytics, Google maps and Fiber. An award-winning marketing strategist, West has trained hundreds of organizations in the use of social media, search engine optimization, and marketing strategy on the Web.