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In this session, participants will learn the basics of video captioning. This webinar will be covering why it’s important to caption your videos, the problem(s) with automatic captioning, what (free) captioning tools you can use to caption your videos, how to perfectly caption a video, and answer any questions about video accessibility and captioning.


Presenter: Madeleine Crew is the Access and Instructional Support Technician in the Library and Learning Services department at Sheridan College in Ontario Canada. She handles alternate format requests, captions library videos, and educates staff on accessibility best practices. She is passionate about library accessibility and universal design for learning. Madeleine has presented about accessibility at the eLearning in Libraries Symposium in 2016 and the Ontario Library Association Super Conference in 2018. Madeleine has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre and Film Studies from McMaster University and a Library and Information Technician Diploma from Seneca College.


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