Weeding, removing materials from the collection, is a fundamental part of making any library serve its community. Further, it’s a team effort! Everyone needs to understand the reasons and methodology behind deselecting materials.

With increasing demands for space, having an active physical collection is essential to serving your patrons. We will talk about the tricky, challenging problems of weeding as well as provide tips, tricks, and tools for evaluating your collection. Bring your questions, fears, or doubts!



Original broadcast May 28, 2019

Biography ~ Karen Toonen
When Karen Toonen started as an Adult Services Librarian at the Naper Blvd. location of Naperville Public Library, withdrawing books made her depressed. But after years of seeing the benefits of a well-curated collection, especially in a small building, she ruthlessly weeds. Being a member of the Adult Reading Roundtable’s Steering Committee has also given her the opportunity to see how different libraries and library staff approach weeding. Her commitment to connecting customers with materials they enjoy and can utilize informs her weeding philosophy: Did it earn its shelf space? If not, out it goes!

Biography ~ Monica Minnick
Monica Minnick is a Children’s Librarian at the Naperville Public Library. Although she enjoys the variety her job entails, collection management is at the top of her list. She began her journey down the weeding rabbit hole 20 years ago, when as a young librarian, she was very hesitant about the whole weeding process. However, she quickly learned that it is a necessity to have a presentable collection and to increase circulation. She is known to be a ruthless weeder, many times to the chagrin of her coworkers.