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Privacy Literacy and Data Ethics: They didn’t stop to think if they should Explore data ethics, digital privacy, and the academic librarian’s role in educating and advocating for undergraduate students relating to these topics in this five-part workshop series.  

The goal of this series is to educate librarians on data ethics and privacy literacy, encourage discussion, and facilitate future collaborations. Sessions are related, but attendance in every session is not required.

Libraries collect vast amounts of data, both as a side-effect of our daily services and when we conduct research or assessments. At the same time that we educate library patrons on privacy and data ethics in their daily lives, it is incumbent upon library workers to collect, store, and use data ethically, and with particular attention to patrons’ privacy.

In this interactive webinar, we will explore the types of data our institutions collect, examine how we protect these data, and interrogate how we use data ethically to improve services without causing harm to our patrons.

Learning Outcomes
● Participants will become aware of the various types of data collected within their library.
● Participants will interrogate how those data are being used.
● Participants will consider how those data are stored.

Presenter: Adam Beauchamp is a Humanities Librarian at Florida State University Libraries serving as liaison to the departments of History, Philosophy, and Religion. His responsibilities include research support, information literacy instruction, and collection development in these disciplines. Adam’s current research interests include critical pedagogy, ethical assessment and research in libraries, and the historical relationship of archives and libraries to colonialism.

Presenter: Sara Gonzalez is the Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Visualization Librarian and Associate Chair at the Marston Science Library at the University of Florida. Her research interests include emerging technologies in education and libraries, modeling and visualization of 3D data, and scientific literacy instruction.