How do we, as managers and leaders, foster a healthy, inclusive work environment so all employees can succeed? Individuals with diverse backgrounds are being subjected to subtle and overt bias in the workplace due to the divisive climate in which we live.

There isn’t a quick manual on how to identify and effectively address bias within the information profession nor in the workplace. This webinar will help managers and staff identify different types of bias challenges and learn about strategies and solutions to help foster an inclusive work environment.


Original Broadcast January 14, 2021

Presenter ~ Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran
Dr. Michele A. L. Villagran is an accomplished educator, innovative speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, cultural intelligence and diversity and inclusion expert with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Dr. Villagran is the founder and CEO of CulturalCo LLC, which provides consulting services in conflict management, bias, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, diversity, and inclusion. She is also an assistant professor with San José State University School of Information where her research focuses on cultural diversity and social justice in library and information science and cultural intelligence phenomena within organizations.