Job-related burnout is especially prevalent in youth services, particularly during summer reading. We have had many bright young minds in this vocation burn out and change departments or career paths due to job-related stressors.

This session will be all about recognizing the signs of burnout and factors that can contribute to it. We will talk most about ways burnout can be avoided, including things like changing the SRP to be less stressful (does it stress you out to keep track of minutes read/pages read/books read? Stop doing it! Hate tracking down prizes at a reasonable price that won’t break immediately? Put an end to it!), keeping an inspiration folder, and finding ways to stop taking home work with you. I will also discuss my favorite ways to relight your “programming fire” and get inspired in creative ways.

These will include many different blogs, webinars, websites, as well as places to visit and events to attend. It’s hard to do your job with a smile on your face when you feel like you’re running on empty, and it can be particularly difficult when you’re a small library dealing with tiny budgets and a lack of staffing. This will focus on the positive, and attendees should leave with plenty of new resources and feel excited about their job.

Original broadcast July 20, 2021 


Presenter: Chelsea Price
Chelsea Price is the director of the Meservey Public Library in Meservey, Iowa. Chelsea has presented at the Kids First Conference in Iowa and the ARSL conference in Springfield, Illinois, and she writes for the Programming Librarian blog. Her book, 209 Big Program Ideas for Small Budgets, is being published through ALA Editions and is set to hit shelves in the fall of 2020. Chelsea and her husband love volunteering at animal shelters throughout the Midwest, and they have four senior, special-needs dogs of their own.