Each of us cultivates individual behaviors and practices in the process of mastering our work. These enable us to feel a sense of ease and control, in other words, to experience a psychological state known as a comfort zone. We achieve steady levels of performance with minimum anxiety and stress in the process.
Yet achieving this steady state of ease can come at a cost. We may experience boredom, the feeling that “we been there, and done that” before. Our steady performance may no longer be what’s needed given new challenges in our workplace environment.
This informative program will help participants to understand their own comfort zones and strategies for realizing the potential of new perspectives and opportunities that moving out of their comfort zone offers.


Original broadcast March 6, 2018

Mitchell Friedman ~ Biography
Enthusiastic. Authentic. Caring. Knowledgeable. Insightful. People have used these terms to describe Dr. Mitchell Friedman as he’s engaged in diverse professional endeavors over the last three decades.