Serving the undergraduate students of today is one of the primary missions of university libraries. Teaching students the research process step-by-step through an online platform is a good way to make research approachable, and even entertaining. Learn how to develop a web page addressing these specific needs with Wix, a free HTML editing service. The presentation will focus on the “friendliness” component of the tool, rooted in its presentation of video tutorials, casual writing style, GIFS, and other iconic pop culture images.


Original broadcast August 15, 2016

Biography ~ Jasmine Spitler
Jasmine Spitler is recent graduate from Florida State University. She earned her Bachelor of Art in English- Editing, Writing, & Media and Political Science. She has worked as an assistant at Strozier Library for the past three years and is planning on pursuing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences and a professional career in libraries.