Centre County is a rural area in Pennsylvania and the Schlow Centre Region Library is using a unique method to bring low-cost internet to help bridge the digital divide. Utilizing TV WhiteSpace — the unused bandwidth between television channels — to extend library resources and internet into their communities and forge new partnerships. This session will provide an overview of what is TV Whitespace is, how one library in Pennsylvania is deploying it, Erate and FCC ramifications, and community partnership opportunities.


Original broadcast November 15, 2018

Biography ~ Nathaniel Rasmussen
Nathaniel Rasmussen facilitates human and tech solutions at Schlow Centre Region Library where he has helmed IT Services for 17 years. His interest in technology has always been through the lens of how to best provide public access to information. Nathaniel enjoys the many technological flavors involved in pursuit of such a dynamic goal: from networks and routers, to Makerspace communities; killer web UX, to statistical deep dives. When not working, he serves on numerous community nonprofit boards, enjoys helping regional non-profits find sustainable technology, and cooking delicious meals for his family with whatever he can fresh and local. Nathaniel was recently recognized by Library Journal as a “2018 Mover and Shaker” for his work building community partnerships in an effort to bring TV White Space to his community.

Biography ~ Sascha Meinrath
Sascha Meinrath is the Palmer Chair in Telecommunications at Penn State and director of X-Lab, an innovative think tank focusing on the intersection of vanguard technologies and public policy. Professor Meinrath is a renowned technology policy expert and is internationally recognized for his work over the past two decades as a community internet pioneer, social entrepreneur and angel investor. https://bellisario.psu.edu/people/individual/sascha-meinrath