For some of us, work/life balance feels like wishful thinking – a dream that can never possibly come true. We are “on” 24/7 – on Facebook, on the Internet, on at work, on our cell phones, on at our kids’ activities, on-on-on! How can we possibly achieve balance in that kind of world??

And to top it off, contrary to what some folks think, it’s not always easy being a librarian. Expectations are up, funding is down. Demands from patrons are up, staffing is down. There’s simply no balance there either.

And yet…there are steps we can take to help us regain some balance in our lives. This will help us delve a little deeper to find our own answers.

We will discuss the importance of finding that elusive work/regain some balance in our lives. We’ll also discover that everyone is capable of making improvements in that area – if we so choose.


Original broadcast August 3, 2016

Instructor Bio ~ Linda Bruno
Linda has been developing and conducting training workshops for libraries and other organizations for more than fifteen years. She offers workshops on topics ranging from Leadership Skills to Returning Balance – and lots of areas in between!

Linda received her MBA from the University of Florida and has years of experience in hands-on management positions. She develops her workshops based on solid research and – more importantly – real-life application. Linda is also certified with DDI and Achieve Global.

Once Linda began developing and conducting training workshops, she knew she had found what she wanted to be when she grew up. She loves the exchange of ideas and experiences that happens when individuals gather to explore life together.