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Florida Library Webinars offers live, on-demand and podcast learning opportunities to all Florida Library Staff.

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New On Niche

  • Patron Journey Mapping: Understand What Drives Patrons to Better Design
  • Relevant Library Programming
  • Hearts and Crafts: Nurturing Social-Emotional Skills in Makerspaces
  • People are People: Leading Your Library From a “Good Inside” Perspective
  • The Best Business Books (Old and New) You Need to Read
  • Enhance Your Presentation Skills with AI Tools
  • What’s Your Bounce-Ability? Thrive In Times of Change
  • Fair Compensation: Examining Your Library’s Pay and Benefits
  • How to Leverage LinkedIn for Libraries
  • Best Picture Books Published in 2023 for Ages 1-6
  • How to Get Out of a Rut at Work
  • Sublimation: Print Color Photos on Everything
  • The Enneagram Lens for Leadership in the Library