Florida Library Webinars are available to staff working in Florida libraries. If you work in another state you will be unable to register for these webinars. 


Florida Library Webinars is dedicated to bringing the most accurate, relevant and current training to staff working in Florida libraries. We believe that a well-trained library staff makes for an excellent library – providing excellent service to its community.

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Recent Recordings

Bring on the Carnival Fun: Creating Large-Scale Community Programming

  Libraries are increasingly becoming hubs for community play and engagement. But, do we really have what it takes to create a large scale community program that is both free to the public and a celebration of our library users? In this interactive and...

A Dungeon Master in the Library: Women, Libraries, and Role-playing Games

  Do you have Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) books in your stacks? The popularity of a fantasy game from the 70’s might not be on your radar, but it definitely should be and I’m here to tell you why. Live-streaming shows with millions of viewers like Critical...

The Human Side of 3D Printing: From Policy to Patron Interaction

The maker revolution has come to libraries. But how do you manage it all? This program will cover managing the space from first interaction to patron buy in, managing 3D designs, print jobs and waiting cues, to completion, failures and the policies and forms needed...


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