Florida Library Webinars

Florida Library Webinars offers live, on-demand and podcast learning opportunities to all Florida Library Staff.

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New On Niche

  • Ethics and AI – Is it Possible?
  • Using AI To Craft and Refine Library Policy Documents
  • Health Insurance Literacy and Older Adults
  • Teen Behavior in the Library: Managing this (sometimes-challenging) developmental stage
  • Super Searcher Secrets: Strategies and tactics for getting the most from web research today
  • Library Services for Empty Nesters
  • Sign, Baby, Sign! ASL in Baby and Toddler Storytimes
  • Mastering Short-Form Video for Library Engagement
  • Marketing Your Collection, Services, and Programs with Better Book Displays
  • Emergency and Crisis Management in Libraries
  • Mastering Accessibility Audits: From Basics to Best Practices for Large Websites
  • Beyond Balance: Navigating the Realities and Pitfalls of Work-Life Integration in the Modern
  • Professional World
  • Basics of Makerspaces
  • The Year of Chill: Focusing on Our Own Wellbeing, and Taking Care of
  • Everyone by Taking Care of Ourselves