Formulating An Inclusive Marketing/Communications Strategy

Formulating An Inclusive Marketing/Communications Strategy


Whether you want to grow a diverse audience, tell your library stories with a more inclusive lens, create messaging that is both respectful and accurate, and/or identify content that advocates for marginalized populations, this interactive and informative webinar will provide a basic overview and offer action items in order to make your marketing/communications more inclusive.

• Constructively evaluate your library’s marketing/communications strategy to analyze whether it is or isn’t inclusive
• Look at marketing/communications tools such as social media, website, PR, etc., to provide tips for being inclusive for each
• Identify three areas of growth within your own marketing/communications strategy and apply the principles learned

Original broadcast June 30, 2020 

Biography ~ Kim Crowder

With 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, including working for a Fortune 500 company, having been a published journalist for one of the largest newspapers in the U.S., contributing to crisis communications when the Reliant Astrodome was used as shelter after Hurricane Katrina, managing PR efforts for celebrities and major sports teams, launching a marketing department for Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, and The Indianapolis Public Library, Kim Crowder loves a challenge.

It’s Not Just for Kids: Bringing Play to Adult Programming

It’s Not Just for Kids: Bringing Play to Adult Programming



We all need to play! Most grown-ups, stuck in the repetitive cycle of #adult-ing, forget that play is just as important for adults as it is for children. This interactive and informative program will outline the need for play in adult lives and demonstrate how play helps maintain adult brains, bodies, and spirits. Using the work of the National Institute of Play, we will explore the seven patterns of play. Additionally, we will examine and celebrate ways that Library programming is bringing play to the forefront in our patrons’ lives and explore ways that libraries might expand this initiative.

Original broadcast July 2, 2020 

Biography ~ Melissa Cast-Brede

Melissa Cast-Brede is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) in the undergraduate library science program. Previously, Dr. Cast-Brede served as education librarian at UNO, and other universities in the Midwest where she oversaw the development of psychology, education, and children’s and young adult collections. Additionally, she served as the Director of Member Services with the Association of College and Research Libraries. Last year, Dr. Cast-Brede received the Alumni Outstanding Teaching award.

Erica Rose is Library Science Faculty and Program Coordinator for UNO’s undergraduate library science program and she is very excited about 21st century librarianship. Her teaching and research interests include library leadership, community engagement, advocacy and children’s literature. Before coming to higher education, she spent many years working in libraries of all flavors. Whether serving in the field or in the college classroom, she strives to infuse joy into education and public service.

Discovering Game-Based Learning: Ideas for Academic Librarians

Discovering Game-Based Learning: Ideas for Academic Librarians



In this session, the presenter will share theories of game-based learning and then discuss practical ways to bring it into academic libraries. Attendees will leave with ideas for how to implement game-based learning in their instruction sessions, during outreach, and in tutorials.


Original broadcast July 1, 2020 

Biography ~ Lauren Hays
Lauren Hays, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Central Missouri. Previously, she was the Instructional and Research Librarian at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS where she enjoyed teaching and being a member of her institution’s Faculty Development Committee. Her professional interests include the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, information literacy, digital literacy, educational technology, and academic development. On a personal note, she loves dogs, traveling, and home.

Library Displays and Passive Programming

Library Displays and Passive Programming



How would you like to show your community that you are relevant, timely, and “in the know?” Use library displays to fill empty spaces, engage your patrons and promote your services.

Library displays are a powerful tool that can be used to increase circulation, generate statistics, and support your library’s mission statement. Library displays make the library a physical destination where patrons can interact with the library without using a great amount of staff time or funds.

Make library displays a regular and exciting part of your library programming. Highlight local events, recommend read a-likes, boost circulation, and show your community that you are ready to meet their information and entertainment needs.
At the conclusion of webinar, participants will be able to:

● Create a list of book display resources
● Incorporate passive programming into book displays
● Identify topics for book displays of interest to their library customers
● Utilize techniques to promote circulation, participation, and readers’ advisory
● Promote the library’s mission, goals, and programming


Original broadcast June 25, 2020 

Biography ~ Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose is a librarian at the Twinsburg Public Library in Ohio. She coordinates the library book displays and is responsible for the audio book and board games collections. Maggie also teaches computer classes and sits on the Reference and Information Services Division and Adult Services Division Action Councils for the Ohio Library Council.

40 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes

40 Marketing Resources in 60 Minutes

It’s easy to believe you have plenty of marketing information at your disposal—until you’re in the middle of a project and you run across a need you didn’t anticipate. Would you rather search in a panic, or have a great resource list at your fingertips?

During this webinar, you’ll get 40 resources (at least!), explained and annotated by a library marketing expert. If you don’t know everything, you can at least know where to find everything. In this hour-long session, you’ll get:

  • A list of books (of course)
  • Lists of websites and online toolkits
  • Links to current nonprofit marketing blogs, inside and outside libraries
  • Assessment of library marketing serials, both proven and new
  • The inside scoop on the only library-specific marketing conference

Of course, this session comes with a handout that lists and links to everything that’s discussed, to make it easy for attendees to find and use the sites and tools.


Original broadcast June 23, 2020 

Biography ~ Kathy Dempsey
Kathy Dempsey wrote the popular how-to tome The Accidental Library Marketer and founded her own marketing consultancy, Libraries Are Essential. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to gain respect and funding.
Kathy has been the Editor of Marketing Library Services newsletter for 25 years, and was formerly Editor-in-Chief of Computers in Libraries magazine. She also blogs at The ‘M’ Word. She’s a member of the New Jersey Library Association, and Founder of the Library Marketing and Communications Conference, which she chaired in 2015, 2016, and 2017.
This writer, editor, and marketing maven has been giving presentations across the U.S. and Canada for 20+ years, always sprinkling them with humor to make marketing concepts more interesting and accessible. She continues to fight the stereotypes that librarians are boring and that “”marketing”” is a dirty word.

Color Theory Basics: Why Color Matters 

Color Theory Basics: Why Color Matters 


Color impacts accessibility, design, and even our emotions! In this session, we’ll explore some of the interesting history and science of color theory and the basics of color theory through the lens of design.

You’ll gain new insights into creating dynamic presentations, flyers, websites, and so much more. Take your design skills to the next level!


Original broadcast June 24, 2020 

Biography ~ Robin Fay
Robin Fay is a Metadata and Technology Professional who has worked on metadata & digital initiatives for the University of Georgia, the American University of Classical Studies (Athens, Greece), the Library of Congress and ORBIS Cascade, a multistate consortia of historical societies, museums, archives, and libraries. In addition to that experience, Robin is an avid designer. Find her on social media @georgiawebgurl.

Tech Programs Post Pandemic – Tech To Go and Lending Programs

Your webinar will be held on September 16, 2020,  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  ET.

Login here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIod-Ctrz8iE9W13oXrPBfX-xMeFXyyuedM

Within 7 days, the recording of this session will be available in our On-Demand section.



We learned a lot in the first few months of 2020 as the world shifted to provide more digital and online services and provide cleaner and safer in-person interactions. Through all these lessons learned, join Brian Pichman as he highlights some of the fun interactive virtual services in this new era of providing services to the public. We will cover some of the best tech tips for technology lending programs and things that patrons and users can do while away from your library. At the end of this workshop, pandemic or not, you’ll be able to provide greater services and resources to your patrons, regardless of their physical location and being as safe as possible to deliver these services.

Biography ~ Brian Pichman
Brian Pichman is a technology enthusiast, sharing his thoughts and ideas to libraries so they can become more interactive, innovative, collaborative, and engaging He is a web developer with experience designing websites. Brian started a collaborative platform called the Evolve Project which aims to change the way people see libraries by introducing new technology and concepts for libraries. Libraries need to re-position themselves as community anchors in order to succeed in today’s culture.

Serving Our Mobile Users

Your webinar will be held on September 30, 2020,  12:00 pm – 1:00 pm  ET.

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Within 7 days, the recording of this session will be available in our On-Demand section.


More than ever, our users are interacting with the library digitally. Where once this activity occurred via computer, it is increasingly being done using tablets and smartphones. With this in mind, what are the trends in mobile, and what can libraries do to make themselves mobile friendly in the year 2020 and beyond?

Biography ~ Nick Tanzi
Nick Tanzi has been incorporating emerging technologies into the library as a children’s librarian, the founding member of a digital services department, and most recently, as the Assistant Director of the South Huntington Public Library. During this time, he has spoken in the U.S. and abroad on topics ranging from social media marketing to 3D printing. He is the author of Making the Most of Digital Collections through Training and Outreach (2016), and Best Technologies for Public Libraries (2020). He writes “The Wired Library” column for Public Libraries Magazine. Tanzi was named a 2017 Dewey Fellow by the New York Library Association, and currently serves as President of its Making and STEAM Round Table.

Developing Dynamic Leadership Skills

Developing Dynamic Leadership Skills


Some people seem to be natural leaders, yet anyone can develop the skill set needed with some practice, patience and experience. If you want to take your team, department, organization and career as far as it can go, then you will have to be willing to put in the work to develop your leadership skills and style.

In this interactive and informative program attendees will briefly examine four areas of leadership; communication, accountability & expectations, failure, and initiative and creativity.

As a result of the program attendees will be able to use the information to hone their skills to become a transformative leader for their organization.

Original broadcast June 16, 2020 


Biography ~ Gavin J. Woltjer

Gavin J. Woltjer is the Library Director for the Billings (MT) Public Library. When not held hostage in a good book, he enjoys exploring the wilds of Montana with his wife, Rena, and their three children. His research interests include: data analytics; library leadership; economic development and libraries; archives and record management; and, librarian as public historian.


Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Importance of Good Process Management

Going from Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Importance of Good Process Management

Process Management is a way of looking at and then controlling the processes that are present in an organization. As a business practice it encompasses techniques and structured methods. The goals include identifying and modifying existing processes so they align with a desired, presumably improved, future state of affairs.

Librarians need good process to be successful.  But really how important is standardization?  In this informative webinar, Dr. Dean Russell will discuss the how’s and why’s of process management and the relation to your library’s success in meeting its goals and mission.

Attendees will learn:

• A quick history of how and why process control started
• The myth that having digitized processes creates a clear and coherent organization of these processes
• How processes build performance
• Why processes have to be agile and actionable
• What we can learn from Wikipedia


Original broadcast June 18, 2020 

Biography ~ Dr. Dean Russell

Dean is a Professional Strategic Coach. He helps organizations and businesses increase their effectiveness through leadership coaching, training, and public speaking engagements. He has a gift and passion for helping people and organizations quickly grasp their company’s vision, gain operational traction, and work as a healthy, functional, and cohesive team.
He is a national speaker and recognized expert specializing in business management, leadership improvement, and better employee performance.