Florida Library Webinars

Florida Library Webinars offers live, on-demand and podcast learning opportunities to all Florida Library Staff.

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New On Niche

  • Stress Better: 3 Things You Must Know
  • Reimagining Canva as a Powerful Tool for Learners
  • Marketing Your Library: Principles and Tools That Identify Your Audience and Market Towards Their Needs
  • Staff-Led Strategic Planning – A Roadmap to Success
  • Empowering Creativity: Exploring Makerspaces and
  • Engaging STEM Programming in Libraries
  • After the Storm: How to React, Adjust, and Move Forward After a Controversy at the Library
  • Growing a Healthy Library Culture
  • Easing Staff into the New Technology and Services
  • Managing the Chaos: Tips for New Supervisors of Programming Departments from Someone Who is Still Learning
  • Professional Development – What now?
  • Navigating Collaborative Projects: Protecting Your Work While Still Being a Team Player
  • Horror Readers’ Advisory: How to Help Your Scariest Patrons